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Another day, another dollar. Time for work.

"Serenity, strength, courage" 
I live by these words. I’ve had a lot on my plate lately and I always refer back to this tattoo (my favorite of all the ones that I have) to keep my self from going insane. 😌☀️ goodnight beautiful people, be easy & stay optimistic ❤️

Convincing a top to bottom

Lmao I can’t stand y’all

Anonymous asked: can we just give you a round of applause please. First of all... working 4am-1pm, then going to a second job after that. and aren't you in school? How the hell do you do that, and you cheer for your college right? how are you not dead lls.

lol thanks, yeah it’s hard and I don’t get much sleep but I’ve got bills to pay so it is what it is :) & luckily my class is online so I don’t have to physically be in a classroom which is helpful. and practices are only monday, wednesday and friday from 6-9 so it’s not too bad. 

cuh-y-e asked: love your blog! do people even call them blogs? fuck I haven't used tumblr in so long hahaha

lol thank you! & yeah, they’re called blogs :p


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